Harness the power of personality
to transform your teams, life, and bottom line.
"Lisa Foster had our group engaged from start to finish and was voted the best speaker we’ve ever had."
- John Geringer, Executive Vice President, Client Advocacy, Cedrus Financial; 3to5 Club Facilitator
Efficient, effective, fun tools that improve engagement, communication and outcomes.
Lisa Foster, Strengths and Personality Expert, Consultant, and Coach

In her compelling keynotes, workshops and team trainings, Lisa challenges audiences to stop trying to fix weaknesses and, instead, to Accept, Articulate, and Apply™ their strengths - with game-changing results. Drawing on her coaching expertise and years of strengths and personality-based entrepreneurial leadership, Lisa's playful, interactive presentations shift both perspective and practice. Learn to create cultures of honor, compassion and impact where everyone shines from their original design!
Helping dynamic professionals harness the power of personality to transform their teams, lives and bottom line.
"Team members reaped immediate benefits, reporting positive shifts in perspective, communication, and work outcomes."
– Sarah Dominick, Water Utility Project Manager
Team Work
Crack the code of personality to create game-changing transformation.
Tom wants to get to the point, but Sara requires a detailed process...
To tackle personal or professional challenges, first accept the personalities at play. Assessment data illuminate the Accept stage: We integrate StrengthsFinder, Myers Briggs and the Enneagram to generate an internal lens shift from reaction to response, criticism to compassion.
Tom shares with Sara that he may seem insensitive when he leverages his strategic focus...
Unresolved issues can undermine the best teams. In the Articulate stage, we identify the weaknesses at play and honor the strengths available - without judgment.
Committed to the client's deadline, Sara independently creates the process outline, and Tom reviews it to strategize a streamlined solution.
The Apply stage cracks the code: We pool superpowers to create a tactical plan towards a common goal. Everyone shines from their original design, optimizing engagement, morale, and results.
In the Office
Performance reviews got you down? Suffering from “Promotion Demotion”? Drained by staff dysfunction?

  • Increase productivity and profit with team members in their Zones of Genius.
  • Improve retention, morale, and efficiency with tools to motivate and lead diverse personalities.
  • Re-kindle your inner fire and focus by leveraging your superpowers.
  • Decrease downtime and transition pain with strategies to fill gaps.
  • Reduce churn and co-dependence, and free yourself to enjoy your work - and your life!
In the Home
Revisiting the same issue with your partner? Wondering where the fun went? Do criticism or indifference rule the roost?

  • Enjoy safe, productive communication within a structured process.
  • Replace judgment with honor, criticism with compassion, indifference with impact.
  • See motivations and perspectives through a new, empathetic lens.
  • Resolve long-term lingering conflict.
  • Capitalize on both partners' superpowers, and neutralize kryptonite, to create shared solutions.
  • Rediscover your passion and have fun again!
“Lisa is friendly, down-to-earth and devoted to working with clients to deliver value. I look forward to working with her again."
- Amy Duncan, CFP, Financial Advisor, Team Duncan Financial
Meet Lisa
Lisa Foster is a strengths and personality speaker, consultant and coach committed to creating cultures of honor, compassion and impact. Her Shine From Your Original Design℠ program has served individuals, couples, and teams throughout the U.S.
Lisa is an Enneagram 3 ENFJ with Empathy, Positivity, Woo (Winning Others Over), Connectedness, and Communication strengths. For 25 years she's done what she does best: As an entrepreneur, non-profit founder, public speaker, facilitator, and program developer, she makes transformation exciting, accessible - and enduring.
Warning: Presentations may contain song, dance or fake foreign accents.
"Lisa provided practical tools that we now integrate into our lives and leverage for our best teams and selves."
- Frances Mickelson, Co-Founder, Cor2Cor Professional Alliance
Client Results
Here's what Parillume clients say about the work.

  • No matter where you are as a company, this is hands-down the best investment you can make.
    – Jason Lewis, CEO and Managing Broker, Ecospace Real Estate

     Enneagram Training
  • The (leadership) lessons we learned from our experience were instrumental to us. We completed a high-quality project on time and on budget.
    – Kerry J. Meyer, PE, Senior Project Water Treatment Technologist

  • Lisa Foster (and her) program is excellent. She helps build on your strengths pushing you to recognize and overcome barriers to success. 
    – John Tayer, President, Boulder Chamber of Commerce

  • Lisa’s Teams Program (workshop training) was incredibly impactful for me as a leader and for team cohesion, communication and understanding.
    – Jenny Stith, Executive Director, WINGS Foundation

  • Lisa’s work with our team has so resulted in a new energy in our office and has dramatically improved productivity!
    – Michael Flannery, COO, RedZone Software

  • (When considering Strengths Based Leadership…) I think anyone in leadership should hire her for their teams! 
    – Lauren Simms, Company Ambassador, Isagenix

  • Lisa Foster’s (Motivational Speaker) program empowered me personally, and my team, more than I could have imagined.
    – Sarah Dominick, Water Utility Project Manager

  • Our team loves working with Lisa Foster. Her (Emotional Intelligence)
    program has helped us be stronger together. I highly recommend it.
    – Lindsay Fisher, Owner and CEO, PrintPointe

  • Lisa was a game-changer, for me personally and for my business. I highly recommend working with her to improve team dynamics and bring out the best in everyone.
    – Brandon Scholten, Owner, Keyrenter Property Management

"The workshop was powerful and practical - people left wanting more. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the result.”
– Nicole Zelyez, Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, BSW Wealth Partners

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