Are “Little Blue Pills” and low sex drive inevitable as we age?

by Amanda Halliday
Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Transformation Tribe Member

Many of us believe that imbalances in our sex hormones, and certain related symptoms, are normal and inevitable.

We believe and accept that men will lose their sexual function as they age and will need Viagra to sustain their sex life.  We believe and accept that women have to suffer with mood issues and behavior swings through puberty, PMS, perimenopause and post-partum depression – and that they will lose their emotional, physical and sexual vitality as they age.

The truth is that this suffering is largely avoidable. It is caused by our habits (both nutritional and lifestyle-related) that stress our adrenal glands, the very organ that is responsible for the production of sex hormones later in life when our reproductive organs phase out production. These symptoms are your body’s way of telling you that you need to pay attention to your health. Because sex hormones are not needed for your survival, then a body lacking nutrients will divert those nutrients away from sex hormones to functions needed for survival.

Take a look at the questionnaire at the end of this post to see if you are dealing with sex hormone imbalance. The number of symptoms you are experiencing, and their severity, are good indications of the degree of imbalance you are experiencing.

If you would like to get back to realignment we’d be happy to help you. In addition to helping you understand what nutrients your body needs to make sex hormones, we offer micronutrient and other blood testing (such as for sex hormone levels) so that we can get a window into what’s really going on with you, to help you in a targeted way.

To learn more contact Amanda Halliday, Owner and Founder of Ways to Optimize – Nutrition for the Optimal You!

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Sex Hormone Questionnaire

Women, do you have:
[ ] PMS (and perhaps cravings for sugar and salt)?
[ ] Weight fluctuation throughout the month?
[ ] Unexplained weight gain, especially around the middle?
[ ] Edema, swelling, puffiness, water retention, bloating?
[ ] Headaches or PMS migraines?
[ ] Mood swings?
[ ] Tender breasts?
[ ] Depression or anxiety?
[ ] An inability to cope?
[ ] Backaches, joint or muscle pain?
[ ] An irregular cycle?
[ ] Infertility?
[ ] Fibrocystic breasts, breast cysts or lumps?
[ ] Uterine Fibroids?
[ ] Hot flashes?
[ ] Insomnia?
[ ] Low libido?
[ ] Dry skin, hair, vaginal tissue?
[ ] Heart palpitations?
[ ] Unwelcome hair growth?
[ ] Poor memory or concentration?

Men, do you have:
[ ] Reduced libido and vitality?
[ ] Trouble achieving or maintaining an erection?
[ ] Infertility or low sperm count?
[ ] Loss of muscle?
[ ] Increased abdominal fat?
[ ] Fatigue and low energy?
[ ] Loss of direction and sense of purpose?
[ ] Bone loss or bone fractures?
[ ] Increasing cholesterol?
[ ] Increasing insulin or blood sugar?
[ ] Physical weakness?
[ ] Depression?


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