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Celebrating the triumph of the human spirit
in the aftermath of sexual violation…and the hero in us all!

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The February 2018 SHINE Soirée was selected as one of Denver’s Best Bets by 5280 Magazine, and a top five literary event by Westword. Watch the video of the Soirée here.

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Spotlight Date Video
Two Sides of the Halo 01/25/18 Watch the video
Unhooked: Demystifying Forgiveness 02/22/18 Watch the video
Reclaiming Beauty 03/22/18 Watch the video
Reconnecting Sex & Intimacy 04/26/18 Watch the video
Finding Our Fight 05/31/18 Watch the video
Authentic Allyship 06/28/18 Watch the video
Belonging: Cultivating Connection & Community 07/26/18 Watch the video
Advocacy Opportunities 08/30/18 N/A
Trust in Relationships 09/27/18 N/A
Healing the Body 10/25/18 N/A
The Big Leap 11/29/18 N/A
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“The SHINE Soirée was absolutely, positively AMAZING and POWERFUL and so rich and full of fabulous conversation. I just loved it all and I really didn’t want it to end. You were so so great and I just want to thank you for creating such a safe space that encouraged such raw and vulnerable conversations to flourish! – DS
“I have had so many insights since attending your Soirée last week. First let me say my hat is again off to you for doing what you are doing to help men and women (that was an eye-opener–how many men were there). We need to clone you, get you major media venues and bring the awareness you bring, in the palpable form you have created – education and therapeutic healing in a safe setting. Genius.” – JH
“Amazing night. These Soirées have been so impactful and are a godsend at a time like now where sexual assault is becoming more common. Whether you have experienced assault or not, I highly encourage you to go to this.” – SS
“These events have been really powerful and uplifting. Lisa Foster is doing great work bringing the issue of sexual violation out of the shadows and giving people hope. She herself is an inspiration. Check it out and join if you can.” – AH
“I had the honor of attending one of your soirees (two Thursdays ago) with my friend. I felt so empowered after attending the session, since I am also a survivor of child sexual abuse.” – RL
“I am so honored to be a witness to the light Lisa Foster shines in this world. The revolution is underfoot and the healing this community so desperately needs and deserves is here.” – MS


Soirée FAQs

What Is This?
A SHINE Soirée is a sparkling evening of champagne and cider, education and inspiration. During these free events in Denver, you’ll enjoy a non-therapeutic evening of elegance, transformation and delight as we toast the heroic journey of Free to Shine! graduates, explore insights from Transformation Tribe members, and learn from topic and policy experts.  Together, we celebrate the hero within us all, and leave with practical tools for shining bright every day.

What Isn’t This?
A SHINE Soirée is not: a support group for abuse victims, sexual assault counseling, exclusively for overcomers of sexual assault, or a community you have to join or commit to. You will not be required to publicly share or to hear painful details of sexual violation.

When Is This?
SHINE Soirées take place 7 to 9 p.m. on the last Thursday of the month. These are free events in Denver.

Who Is Welcome?
Everyone, male and female, teen and older, is welcome at SHINE Soirées.


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