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The Dear Mattie Show

Lisa and host Matt Marr explore the path from survivor to thriver – and much more – in this engaging podcast.

Meg Haworth, Ph.D.: To confront your abuser – or not

Dr. Meg Haworth is amazing: She’s a therapist, celebrity chef and wellness coach from LA who has connected the dots between the ACE study* and holistic healing of our mind, body and spirit. Their conversation was the first Lisa’s recorded about whether or not to confront our perpetrators.  *Adverse Childhood Experiences study.

Believe Be Real Be Bold: A Podcast for Authentic Dating

Lisa and Dave Glaser – Transformation Tribe member and owner of FitLife Champions – chat about attachment styles, the Enneagram and how to NOT play games when dating.

Ripen Podcast: The Journey From Surviving To Thriving

In this Ripen episode, Lisa shares a powerful framework for creating transformation with velocity to help you shift your life, whether you have experienced sexual assault or not. The episode includes:

  • How to create transformation quickly using the framework of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.
  • A simple and powerful exercise for shifting from a funk back into action.
  • The many ways we can experience sexual violation, including the unexpected.
  • Reawakening to your beauty and desire after sexual violation, divorce, or disconnection.
  • How to create sexual wholeness working with a partner and/or on your own.
recovery resources for survivors of sexual violation

Date Safe Project Interview: Courage After Sexual Assault

The Date Safe Project works to reduce sexual violence in all forms by teaching the importance of consent, asking first, bystander intervention and supporting survivors. As part of Sexual Assault Awareness month (April 2018), Lisa shares her experience and insights about strength and courage with founder Mike Domitrz.

Pixel Project Interview: The Survivor Stories project, 2017

~ Selected as one of the top 16 Pixel stories of the year! ~

Lisa shares her story with the Pixel Project’s fourth annual Survivor Stories Project, which features stories from survivors of violence against women (VAW). The campaign’s goals are to:

  • Provide VAW survivors with a platform to share their stories about how they heal and rebuild their lives.
  • Give girls and women who have experienced VAW ideas, hope, and inspiration to escape the violence reach the light at the end of the tunnel.
the pixel project recovery resources

Find Your Feminine Fire Interview: Shining Without Shame

Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach Amanda Testa hosts Lisa in a frank and enlightening discussion about sexuality and the Hero’s Journey in the aftermath of sexual violation.

Rewired Life™ Radio Interview: The Hero’s Journey and Sexual Violation

Lisa guides Rewired Life Radio host Audrey Michel through the stages, challenges, and rewards of the Hero’s Journey for Overcomers of Sexual Violation™:

The SHERO Show: RESCUE Series

Lisa explores forgiveness in the aftermath of sexual violation – from both a personal and transformational perspective – with Health and Lifestyle Coach Jentrey Potter in this inaugural episode of the SHERO Show.

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The February 2018 SHINE Soirée was selected as one of Denver’s Best Bets by 5280 Magazine, and a top five literary event by Westword. Watch the video of the Soirée here.

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