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Parillume’s engaging presentations teach audiences to think outside the box and apply transformational insights and practical tools to overcome challenges, fulfill dreams, and create an authentic, empowered life.

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Sexual Violation and the Invisible Hero

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Lisa Foster
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Who we serve

  • Corporations
  • Human Resources
  • Training and Development Teams
  • Government and Military Training Services
  • Educational Institutions
  • Academic Leadership
  • University Organizations: Greek system, resident life, student support, support orientation
  • Survivors and Survivor-Support Resources
  • Parent and Teen Education Programs

Personal and Professional Growth talks:
A Lit Path: How to Be Your Own Hero | Cracking the Code: How to Capitalize On Your Original Design

Target audience
Individuals, partnerships, and organizations seeking to optimize personal and professional outcomes by applying practical, goal-oriented tools. This includes: executives, managers, and corporate teams; couples and families; and membership communities.

Thriving After Sexual Violation talks:
The Invisible Hero | BYOH: Be Your Own Hero | 5 to Thrive | See, Feel, Speak, Heal

Target audience
Survivors and their supporters who want a path to thriving, lit with practical tools and a supportive community, in the aftermath of sexual violation. This includes: Student organizations and support services; survivor-support programs; family and community education programs.


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