Stage 3:
Free to Shine!

Stage 3 - Reward

Free to Shine!℠ Program

Welcome to the Reward stage of your Hero’s Journey!
You are ready to reclaim the treasure of your true self shining in the world.

Free to Shine! comprises eight highly-personalized, powerful sessions. Take advantage of Lisa’s insight and deep experience in the obstacles and opportunities in overcoming sexual violation – applied to your unique personality, your particular history, and your shining future.

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“The Free to Shine!℠ program is life-changing! I think back on the last 12 weeks, and I barely recognize the person I see today. I’d worked with so many people, I had resistance to the belief that things could be different. But this amazing woman has shown me how to be vulnerable, to let go, and to accept the perfectly imperfect, flawsome me. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for her coaching, the space that she provides from shame to shine, and her ability to honor and celebrate people for their unique selves.” – LS
“Few people have impacted my life the way that you have. If my life were to end today, it would end with something I never thought I’d find: peace, authentic happiness and the knowledge that I am more than an abused little girl. You’ve helped me truly live with and love the little girl inside. It takes tremendous courage to dare to be more than just a survivor, to step out of our abused kid mindset and make something good for ourselves. You have done so much to help make something good out of my own life. So many people need to hear your message.” – TP
“This program took me deeper and farther than any other personal transformation I have experienced thus far. It has given me more: confidence in my path, helped me remove shame around the sexual abuse I endured in college, and gave me the ability to deliver my gifts in confidence without the self-doubt and worry I had before.  There isn’t a dollar value I can attach to the amount of freedom and connection I have received from this program. All I can say is, if you are considering this program, DO IT. The only thing you are costing yourself is the time that you wait to begin this beautiful journey.” – MC
“Lisa facilitated more self-actualization in me during our eight weeks together than I have had in my entire life. Her thoughtful and attentive facilitation helped me to identify, and ultimately conquer, my deepest emotional fears. She helped me find who I am at my core, and how to identify and use my inherent talents and skills to accomplish my goals. Each session with her left me energized and focused on finding what I wanted most out of life. After my final session with her, I knew, at my deepest self, who I was and what I was meant to do. I can’t thank her enough for helping me take that last step towards a joyful and fulfilling life.” – OU
“The Free To Shine℠ program revealed to me the patterns I was repeating throughout my life based on events in my childhood. I learned how to recognize when those patterns were working against me, keeping me from living big and shining bright. I learned about other areas that I need to work through so I can continue to live a life full of joy. I am now able to embrace my true self – from my original design – work from my strengths, recognize when I’m operating from a place of past hurts and insecurities, and move from unhealthy to healthy thinking and actions. I now have conscious thinking, tools, and the desire to live my life shining, making a difference, and being and playing BIG!!” – JN
“Lisa is amazing! Her program is designed from her heart and delivered from her passion to assist others in overcoming whatever is holding them back from shining their brightest. She has helped me so much and I will never be the same again.” – KG
“Lisa is without hesitation a caring, open minded coach. Her ability to ‘see’ your strengths and roadblocks, and to gently guide you through to self-awareness, is borderline uncanny! I am on my way to be the person I was meant to be!” – PW
“Working with Lisa through her Free to Shine!℠ program was life-changing.  Through the simple exercises that Lisa created I was able to move forward in loving and accepting myself.  My whole life has gone to a new level.   I would recommend Lisa’s program to anyone who has experienced any kind of trauma or abuse.   If you’ve done your healing and are ready to move forward in your life to SHINE this program is ‘the real deal’.” – SB
“Lisa is a powerful, loving and supportive force of nature. She has an uncanny ability to gently uncover things I buried and forgot. By completing the program I was able to become a more complete version of myself again. I uncovered the things I loved about myself again. My ability to be playful, silly, free and sensuous within the container of a relationship AND other areas of my life. I feel now that anything is possible and I can approach it from that playful nature I missed so much.” – KD
“Lisa moved me from a place where I hid myself and never let out the real me in fear of judgment and little self-worth to a place where I can stand in front of a room of people and share my story to have a profound impact on the lives of others.  In my daily life I speak up, give my opinion, and share my experiences because I know I have value.  People around me want to spend more time to get to know who I am, even those who have been acquaintances for years, now want to be my friend on a deeper level, because I am now open and authentic.” – DA
“I had been on a journey of spiritual and personal growth and development for quite a few years when I met Lisa and heard about her program. It was at a time when I had faced most of my demons but still had this lingering fear of actually putting myself out there for the world to see. I was not living in my true power nor was I shining as much as I could. I knew immediately that Lisa’s program was just what I needed to face my past and stop limiting myself because of it. Through her program and the amazing space she creates in her sessions, I was able to face these darkest parts of myself and find the parts of me that I didn’t think existed anymore.” – NE
“Lisa Foster is an incredible leader who is making ‘parilluming’ the new adventure to be had. You’ve heard of parasailing and paragliding? Parilluming is basically cultivating that freedom of flight with your feet on the ground, by empowering a very important internal shift from surviving to thriving. Every individual who is working to transcend a history of child sexual abuse and has done the necessary trauma and healing work of ‘surviving’ should consider what a path of true thriving could look like, and explore working with Lisa to bring that vision into reality. I gain something from every conversation I have with Lisa, and I highly recommend her Free to Shine!℠ program.” – JS
“Lisa’s intuitive nature and endless empathy helped so much in my weekly sessions.  Lisa lasered right in on my story in my weekly sessions and homework and helped me shake free of it and create a new vision for my life.  She is a true conduit for what I call source or God and helped me increase my awareness and consciousness.  The personality tests were also an eye opener and something that helped me get very clear on who I am and what I really want.   I would highly recommend her services for anyone who wants to take their lives to the next level.” – LP
“Absolutely amazing!  I am proud of myself for transforming and thankful that Lisa was there to guide me!  She gave me a voice and a safe place to seek forgiveness.  I gave up a very important piece of my puzzle so many years ago.  However, I found it, and my puzzle is complete!  I am having a blast and playing BIG and staying true to myself.  Thanks, Lisa!” – JF
“Lisa helped me find joy, freedom, and a renewed sense of happiness in the work I’ve been doing for 13 years and was feeling pretty burnt out. I feel a sense of power, internal strength, and confidence that wasn’t quite as available to me before this work. One of the most exciting things to me is to have a greater ability to fully express my inner shine without apology or shame. My being is fantastic, and enough. My sense of worth is independent of anything I do or way I behave – I am just lovely as I am, because I am. I am enough. Thank you, Lisa, for giving me a huge boost on my journey of discovering all of this!” – RO
“Lisa’s Free to Shine!℠ Facilitation program is empowering and helps survivors of sexual violation find themselves again. In the midst of all the symptoms and side effects of abuse, her thoughtfully structured program guides you safely into the depths of what you fear most and brings you out the other side, shining in your story. I recommend this program to anyone still living with the shame of sexual violation, to anyone needing guidance toward their own empowerment from the symptoms of abuse and to anyone who has yet to discover their own true voice.” – CT
“I really appreciate Lisa’s enthusiasm and intuition. She has designed a very thorough and effective program, and at the same time is very fluid in following her intuition based on what was needed. I loved this program and will highly recommend it to everyone on the journey to shining without shame!” – DM

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Free to Shine! is not sexual abuse counseling. This program moves beyond healing, past surviving to thriving, to help you recover your original designs, dreams, desires and delights, and reclaim the treasure of your true self:

  • BE BIG on the inside
    Know who you are: Rediscover and love your authentic voice and true self.
  • PLAY BIG on the outside
    Know what you want: Expand your authentic choice and creative expression personally and professionally.
  • SHINE in your life
    Create a life you love: Apply personalized plans of action to enjoy your life on a consistent, moment-to-moment basis.


Each session comprises a New Thought, a New Conversation and a New Action:

Session One: The Choice: Big or Small?
We explore your definitions of playing small and big in life, and the gap between who you are inside and how you show yourself to the world.

Session Two: The Thing That Goes Bump In The Night
We examine the fear of exposure for overcomers of sexual violation, and uncover and deactivate the core shame message that’s been secretly sabotaging your ability to shine.

Session Three: What’s In Your Treasure Box?
As a result of sexual violation, our original dreams, designs, desires and delights get “boxed up” and become unavailable to us.  It’s time to open up that box to reintegrate its hidden treasures into our lives.

Session Four: The First Dream
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?  What did you do with this dream?  Where is it now and how could it begin to manifest in your life?  We explore the present-day possibilities inside of that dream.

Session Five: Your Original Design
As we combine and apply your results from the Enneagram, StrengthsFinder and Myers Briggs assessments, a beautiful picture emerges of who you are and what fuels your approach to life, love and career.

Session Six: True Desires & Daily Delights
Develop the bucket list you haven’t had the courage to write down yet, as well as the daily delights that lighten your load and put a spring in your step every day.  Create a personal vow, vision and voice board to manifest your true desires and daily delights.

Session Seven: Voice & Choice: Your Story on Your Terms
Now it’s time to take all that you’ve gained in the last six sessions and, by being and playing BIG, discover for yourself the true and beautiful message of your story.

Session Eight: Shining In Your Story
From your platform and on your terms, learn to shine inside your story powerfully, incorporate it into your life and work, and light a path for others to shine in theirs!

Client Results

Internal Transformation

  • Greater trust, acceptance and love of self
  • A shift from scarcity and struggle to ease and abundance
  • Awareness of, and freedom from, your core shame message
  • Renewal of hope, optimism, and joy

External Transformation

  • Greater freedom to self-express and to explore new frontiers
  • Ability to apply the power of personal choice to improve relationships and experiences
  • Articulation and integration of personality assessments to shine brightly
  • Capacity to own the experience of sexual violation more openly, without shame

Reclaim the treasure of your true self!

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