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We offer services for every stage of your Hero’s Journey – and more!

Stage Service Price
Newcomer Introduction to the Hero’s Journey
Explore the stages of the Hero’s Journey for Overcomers of Sexual Violation™.
Stage 1
Parillume Productions
Our YouTube video library offers transformational interviews, insights, and hands-on tools to help you thrive every day.
Stage 2
Transformation Tribe℠
A network of healers spanning a range of modalities, providing resources and tools to help you heal.
Do you, or does or someone you know, want to join the tribe? Contact Lisa
Per Tribe member
Stage 3
Free to Shine!℠
Eight sessions under Lisa’s guidance help you move past the Transformation stage
and reclaim the treasure of your true self, shining without shame.
Payment plans available
Stage 4
Voice & Choice Club℠
An exclusive group of Free to Shine! graduates committed to
continual growth through advanced content and guided practice.
any time!
Shine From Your Original Design℠
For individuals, couples, families, and teams – whether you’ve been sexually violated or not.
Integrates assessment results in a customized, detailed plan of action to daily
leverage the treasure of your true self and create a life and relationships you love!
Group discounts
Engaging and educational presentations inspire groups to apply transformational truths
and concrete strategies to live with freedom, joy and authentic self-expression.
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Reclaim the treasure of your true self!

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