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Stage 2 - Transformation

Transformation Tribe

Welcome to the Transformation stage of your Hero’s Journey!
You are ready for the challenging and beautiful work of healing from the effects of sexual violation.

The Transformation Tribe℠ is a network of practitioners that provide transformation resources, including mental, emotional, physical and relational tools, in a safe and loving environment to help you heal.

If you know a practitioner who would like to join the Transformation Tribe, please contact Lisa today.
Parillume does not determine, warrant, endorse, or guarantee the quality of the information or services provided in this directory or by Tribe members, and is not liable for damages or losses that may occur due to selection and/or use of Tribe services.


Dr. Pat Roe

Photo of Dr. Pat Roe
Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist Work Phone: 303-757-1993 Website: PatRoePhD.com

Even after trauma recovery, messages absorbed early in life are active in the subconscious, as programs that affect our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. I help people use the Be Set Free Fast™ method to neutralize those programs, making it possible to move past old messages and thrive. My specialty is working with people who struggle to create or expand a business or otherwise advance in their careers.


Reclaim the treasure of your true self!

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