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Lisa Foster’s full-day workshop for BSW Wealth Partners was outstanding! The workshop was full of powerful insights and practical information for applying them, presented in an engaging, enlightening way that kept everyone laughing, interacting and learning throughout. People left wanting more, and so I plan to host another event with Lisa soon. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the result.”
– Nicole Zelyez, Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, BSW Wealth Partners
“Lisa Foster had our group engaged from start to finish and was voted the best speaker we’ve ever had.  She is a Master of the Enneagram.  She truly has a gift to help you understand the Desire, Fear, Crutch and Healthy Expression of all 9 Enneagram types.  I don’t believe there is anyone on earth who can act them out better than Lisa. I also see that our group is going to be much more effective individually and collectively because of the work we did with her. She is also incredible at answering participants’ questions and giving them specific next steps to be their best selves and foster great relationships. I highly recommend hiring Lisa to facilitate a transformational conversation for your group.”
– John Geringer, Executive Vice President – Client Advocacy, Cedrus Financial
“Lisa more than met our expectations! Her program gave insight on the timely topic of identifying our personal and professional unique gifts as well as those in others to optimize our ideal outcomes. Her material was useful to our group’s current business needs. Her presentation style was interactive, engaging, and thorough. She was friendly, focused, exceptionally knowledgeable, and relaxed. She inspired and motivated members and their guests, many of whom reported they planned to follow up individually with Lisa on her coaching and development services. Lisa provided practical tools that we were able to integrate into our everyday lives as well as leverage for our best teams and selves. Cor2Cor PA highly recommends Lisa as a speaker to professional organizations.”
– Frances Nickelson, Co-Founder, Cor2Cor Professional Alliance
“I am thrilled to have worked with Lisa Foster to plan and deliver an incredible event for 50 women which focused on embracing the Enneagram to thrive. I was impressed with Lisa’s ability to adapt her presentation to my individual needs. Her understanding of the Enneagram is comprehensive, and she wove her expertise with my desired message to skillfully deliver tons of value to our audience and inspire action. Lisa successfully connected self-discovery with more-aligned financial planning.

My experience with Lisa was positive throughout. Her process included an initial exploration of ideas, a dedicated event planning meeting, thorough pre-event communication, flawless theatrical delivery at the event as she acted out each Enneagram type and facilitated an engaging and interactive presentation, and an excellent follow-up with me after the event. She is highly professional: Her support for my agenda was at the forefront and I felt supported from start to finish.

Lisa is friendly, down to earth and devoted to working with her clients to deliver value. Her presentation is delightfully unique, funny, engaging and effective – unforgettable. I look forward to working with Lisa again.”
– Amy L. Duncan, CFP, Financial Advisor, Team Duncan Finanial

“Lisa Foster was a speaker for Sonoma State University’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April 2017, delivering a workshop and a presentation about the Hero’s Journey for Overcomers of Sexual Violation. Ms. Foster is an engaging, powerful, and deeply impactful speaker. She has a unique gift: the ability to guide the audience through challenging terrain with sensitivity, humor, and passion to a new perspective. Not only was I, and the audience, deeply moved by her presentation, but we left with a clarity of vision and concrete tools for approaching this sensitive topic in a new light – moving, as she says, ‘from shame and silence to heroism and fierce hope.’ I encourage you to invite Ms. Foster to share her gift with you.”
– Dr. William Silver, Dean of the School of Business and Economics, Sonoma State University
“Wow! Folks were leaning in to every word, and the number of people that stayed after to connect speaks volumes to the value they got from your talk. Your presence and content were exactly what will continue to make this event a success. Grateful to you!”
– Kyle Matthews, Chief Connecting Officer, Crankset Group
“Whatever Lisa Foster does, she does with passion – and her presentations are no exception. She is a dynamic speaker with creative and transformational ideas. She connected with and inspired the audience at my event and had everyone’s wheels turning on how the information could impact their lives. People were left craving more!”
– Amanda Halliday, Founder, Ways to Optimize
“I learn something new every time I hear Lisa Foster speak. I was reminded of her genius yet again when she facilitated a workshop for our WINGS facilitators and staff. I experienced new awakenings, insights and inspiration as Lisa led the room through a revolutionary yet simple approach to empower those of us who have experienced childhood sexual abuse to not only survive, but thrive. If you want to gain tools for ongoing soul transformation, real-time, in a way that is safe, honoring and fun, consider having Lisa speak to your group! She is an incredible teacher for us all.”
– Jennifer Stith, MAT, MA, Executive Director, WINGS Foundation
“Thank you for the wonderful talk last week at WPO. I love the content, the lenses, the models you use, and especially your relevant story. Your idea to do a one-sheet is brilliant: such a great tool and way to use all of the assessments in daily life. Thank you for shining as you do!”
– Brenda Abdilla, CEO Management Momentum, Chair of Women Presidents’ Organization
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Sept 6: Ecospace Shine From Your Original Design℠ Team Training

Sept 22: BSW Wealth Partners Women’s Workshop – “Cracking the Code”

Sept 26: Keyrenter Property Management Shine From Your Original Design Quarterly Workshop

Sept 27: Surviving to Thriving: Embracing the Enneagram hosted by Team Duncan Financial

Oct 14: Fight Back Fellows Shark Tank Contest

Nov 28: Choose Your Own Adventures at Dawson School

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Choose Your Own Adventures
How to Be Your Own Hero

When faced with a challenge, do you react according to unconscious patterns, or do you proactively blaze a new trail? In this fun, interactive presentation, learn to map out a practical, four-stage Hero’s Journey through any problem or possibility to a destination of your own design.
Cracking the Code
Shine From Your Original Design

Leverage three popular assessments to crack the code of personality and create a life you love!  Accept, Articulate, Apply: Explore the three stages of self-aware problem-solving. The Everyday Enneagram: A playful tour of the Enneagram types reveals how to shift from criticism to compassion.

A Lit Path
From Surviving to Thriving

Based on Joseph Campbell’s seminal Hero’s Journey, A Lit Path provides an empowering framework for the transformation from victim to survivor to thriver in the aftermath of sexual violation. We’ll explore the four stages of the journey – Awakening, Transformation, Reward, and Shining – and learn tangible tools to shift from shame and silence to heroism and fierce hope.
Shifting From Shame to Shine
Dismantling the 5 Survivor Myths

Shame is the greatest burden we carry after sexual violation, silencing our voice and robbing us of joy. But that shame is the direct result of five myths survivors unconsciously internalize.  In this talk, we unpack these myths and learn how to overcome them, reclaim our inherent self-worth, and shine in the world without shame.


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