Your Hero’s Journey

Hero's Journey Overview

The Hero’s Journey From Surviving to Thriving™
provides a practical path through any problem or possibility to a heroic ending of your own creation.

Are you passenger or pilot?

When faced with a challenge, are you pushed along by unconscious biases and drives, or do you courageously carve a new trail? For most of us, habit, rather than heroism, guides our steps.

What if you could chart your own course?

Parillume’s unique application of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey empowers us to leverage, rather than placate, our core drives and choose our own adventure. Life no longer happens to us: it evolves through us.

A journey in four stages

Explore the four stages of our streamlined, proactive Hero’s Journey and map out, in minutes, a practical path through Awakening, Transformation, Reward, and Shining to a heroic destination of your own design.


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Stage 1: Awakening
In the Awakening stage, we recognize that today’s problem or possibility contains an invitation to growth and contribution.  We commit to choosing our own adventure, rather than reacting to circumstances or passively waiting for guidance.
Stage 2: Transformation
In the Transformation stage, we face our fears of failure and of success, and the concrete challenges ahead of us.  We meet each battle empowered by our unique strengths, resources, and supporters, and emerge transformed – ready to reap our reward.
Stage 3: Reward
In the Reward stage, we enjoy the benefits of the battles lost and won.  We reclaim the treasure of our true selves and enjoy new perspectives and powers.  Our internal state has shifted and evolved – for the better.
Stage 4: Shining
In the Shining stage, we’ve solved the problem and realized the possibilities. We now draw from our expanded state of being and lessons learned and contribute to the world, shining from within.



Reclaim the treasure of your true self!

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